WTF Does That Word Mean?

”Matt” Words

Matt – credible: [matt-kred-uh-buhl] – adjective: So extraordinary as to seem impossible.

Holy shit! That tigh-rope walking Polar Bear is matt-credible, where do I purchase such a specimen?

Matt – tastic: [matt-tas-tik] – adjective: Conceived or appearing as if conceived by an unrestrained imagination; odd and remarkable; bizarre; grotesque:

Being chased by a pack of toddlers was a rather matt-tastic experience…

Matt – pologise: [matt-pol-uh-jahyz] – verb To offer an apology or excuse for some fault, insult, failure, or injury.

On behalf of ( – ) condoms. We would like to matt-pologise to your parents for the failure to prevent, well, you.

The Matt: [th-uh matt] – propererest noun ever!: divine character of nature, especially that of the Supreme Being;divinity. Mythical creature. Possessing exceptional strength.

The Matt giveth and enjoy taketh away’s. also. Good gracious, that fire-truck has fallen upon that kitten’s paw and is now stuck, call upon The Matt to use his matt-credible strength to lift it up.


Far(rrrr)ken: [fahr-ken] – adjective: Extreme case of angry, ecitement, annoyance. Shortened to fark or farked.

Hey you farken spastic monkey-licker!

Sha-zam: [shh-uh-zam] – adjective: Exclamation of excitement.

I’m getting a pet Mammoth, Sha-zam!

imjussasyin’: [uh-ee-em-jhus-sa-ay-in] – Used after pointing out ones point of view.

Rihanna must be retarded, the poor girl can’t even remember her name! Imjussasyin’.

Just Words

Pip – head. As in I’ll kick you in the pip

V’tsek – Go away. As in v’tsek before I kick you in the pip.

Gender Words


  • Chiquilas
  • Chikéttes
  • Ninjéttes
  • Chickies
  • Punkéttes
  • ‘Ginez


  • Charnaz
  • Okes
  • Boyches
  • Ninjaz
  • Chinez

Any other words that confuse you, please leave a commentand I will add it to the list with an explanation.


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